D 903

hopper capacity 1.000 to 3.000 l
15 to 36 m spreading width

Standard equipment

  • Hopper`s bases, agitators, discs, funnels and spreading vanes made of inox steel
  • Non-agressive slow-turning agitator
  • Ability to close the right outlet at the field boundaries and sides
  • Mechanically actuated boundary spreading limiter
  • Easy performance calibration test with both supplied calibration channel and calibration cup
  • Granulometer
  • Position lamps, indicators and brake lights
  • Protective tube at rear and at side to prevent contact with the turning shaft
  • PTO shaft with function clutch and protection


  • Spreading width 15,0 to 36,0 m
  • Hopper capacity from 1000 l to 2000 l
  • PTO shaft turning speed 540 r/min
  • Disc tirning speed 675 r/min
  • Spacing between the disc`s centers 1.140 mm
  • Adjustment of the working width: by means of spreading vanes and funnel
  • Spreading vanes per disc: 3